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Media Sound supply's Voice Overs and Audio Recordings to Radio Stations, Television Stations, Websites, Video Editing Suites, Agencies and other Australian and International businesses. Our audio engineers arrange the booking of our voice talents, recording and full editing and mastering in our 6 brand new recording studios.

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Recent Voice Over and Audio Projects


Client: Car Commercial Montage media sound
Voice Talent: Voice Talents

View this short montage of some recent audio recordings we produced for car commercials broadcast on radio and television.
Media Sound booked in the voice artists, recorded and mixed each audio production for its client.

Client: Nintendo media sound voiceover client nintendo
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 18

This IVR was created for Nintendo. Media Sound used professional female voice talent 18 to create an instructive answering message for their telephone systems to direct the customers to the correct internal department.

Client: BP Plus media sound voiceover client BP
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 7

Media Sound worked with BP Plus to create this corporate sounding telephone on hold message for BP Plus. Using informative details, and useful customer info, we created a professional message on hold.

Client: Heal Trust
Voice Talent: Kid Talent 5

Media Sound was happy to work with Heal Trust on this important project to raise awareness for the need of rapid response teams in hospitals. Kid Talent 5 was used to convey the emotions and experiences of the child in the video.

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Media Sound is a professional audio recording company specialising in the recording of voice over artists for use in Radio Commercials, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, YouTube, Telephone Messages On Hold, Instore Sound and Instore Music and any other media were professional sound recording s are required.